Online Virtual Personal Training

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New for 2020!!

We are now delivering online virtual personal training

Technology is brilliant and means that we can deliver goal specific personal training sessions to you wherever you choose.

We can train you in your home, at work, in the garden or on holiday

We can carry out a private consultation and fitness assessment online with our senior PT and yourself to gather all of your vital information and goal sets. Your sessions will then be delivered to you by one of our qualified, professional PT's.

We track and monitor your progress to keep you on track

Sessions can be delivered without any gym equipment

* Convenient for an active/busy  lifestyle

* Available Worldwide (English Speaking PT's)

* Goal Specific mentoring, to help you achieve your objectives

*Experienced and knowledgeable PT's

Sessions are 1 hour long and cost £35

Payments are made monthly in advance (calculated on a 52 week basis)

Please email to book your consultation or to discuss any questions not covered